By accepting the invoice the purchaser acknowledges and is bound by contract to the full standard conditions of sale as displayed here, that appear in summary on the invoice and that are available on the website. Please read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Ask if you do not understand anything. They are final and once the purchaser has accepted the invoice, the purchaser is bound by contract to them and no further correspondence will be entered into.


No refunds under any circumstances.


No exchanges after 7 days whatsoever.


No returns of electrical parts whatsoever.


No returns of shocks whatsoever.


No returns of parts correctly supplied whatsoever.


Parts supplied are used or non-genuine unless specified.


No refund of delivery fees or labour whatsoever.


Handling fee 15% on all refunds.


The following conditions of sale of engines apply to all without exception. Please read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Ask if you do not understand anything. They are final and once the invoice has been accepted the purchaser is bound to them and no further correspondence will be entered into.


This warranty is an exchange or repair warranty only. No refunds, unless prior arrangement is made. A 15% handling fee will be levied on any and all refunds made as “Rouwkoop”. Should you wish to make a warranty claim, the vehicle must first be bought to Autobreakers for an inspection.


The warranty on all engines is 30 days or 3333km, unless specifically noted on invoice. If Autobreakers or an authorized agent of the manufacturer installs the engine an extended warranty of 90 days OR 10000km’s shall apply. All other conditions remain the same.


Warranty subject to documentary proof of the following:


  • The speedometer must be working.

  • The radiator must be flushed, in working order, and have the correct radiator cap.

  • A new thermostat must be fitted.

  • A new or good condition radiator hose must be used.

  • The oil pressure light must be working.

  • A new air filter, cam belt, oil filter must be fitted.

  • Oil must be changed and cooling system flushed.

  • Air filters must be changed and all the intake manifolds must be cleaned and checked for all dirt and debris.


The warranty applies to the cylinder head, block and sump ONLY. It does not apply to any of the engine components such as fuel pump, carburetor, starter, alternator, power steering pump, air con pump, pulleys, breather valves, auxiliary belts, electrical components, injectors, regulators, manifolds etc.


In no way shall Autobreakers be liable for any of the costs involved in the exchange / fitting / removal of the engine or any other part whatsoever at any stage. Autobreakers shall not be liable for any towing or delivery costs whatsoever.


Failure to comply with the following will invalidate any warranty claim.


  • The engine, once fitted, has to be returned for a warranty check / inspection within 7 days of purchase. Should the engine installation be correct and professional the engine warranty will be valid.

  • The engine must be fitted with a heat seal. A broken or melted seal will invalidate any warranty claim.  An overheated engine invalidates the warranty.

  • The engine must be registered within 21 days at your local traffic authority.


Rebuilds or vehicles sold are sold as salvages without any guarantee or warranty. The year model given is a guide only. The code given is a guide only. Registration papers to be supplied when available. The vehicle must be registered within 21 days from the date of collection of registration papers. Upon acceptance of the invoice the purchaser confirms that he is aware of all the damage and defects on the vehicle and that it is purchased as a salvage and that the Consumer Act of 2008 is not applicable.




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