Conditions of Sale and Warranty

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The following conditions of sale apply to all without exception. Please read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. They are final and acceptance of receipt binds all customers to them and acceptance of receipt / invoice binds all customers to them.

Customers enter Autobreakers premises entirely at their own risk.

No returns of electrical goods under ANY circumstances.

No refunds WHATSOEVER unless prior arrangement has been made.

Complete vehicles are sold “voetstoets” and as is without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Vehicles are sold WITHOUT keys, radios and spare wheels etc. Vehicles are sold without a guarantee to the year model or “code”. Any year model or code quoted by the salesman is merely a guide and in no way a guarantee to such. Vehicles are to be registered with local registration authority within 21 days of purchase.

The warranty on all petrol engines is one month, unless specifically noted on invoice.

The warranty on all diesel engines is a starting guarantee ONLY.

The warranty applies to Cylinder head, block and sump ONLY. It does not apply to engine components such as fuel pump, carburetor, starter, alternator, distributor, fan, viscous coupling, clutch and pressure plate etc.

The warranty on gearboxes and diffs is 7 DAYS.

No refunds on second hand goods unless prior arrangement is made. A 15% handling fee will be levied on any refunds made as “Rouwkoop”.

In no way shall Autobreakers be responsible for any costs involved in the exchange/fitting of engines, gearboxes, diffs or any other part.

Failure to comply with the following will invalidate any warranty claim.

• The engine once fitted has to be returned for a warranty check within 7 days of purchase. Should the engine installation be correct an engine warranty document will be issued.
• The engine must be fitted with a new heat seal. A broken or melted seal will invalidate any warranty claim.
• The engine must be registered within 21 days at your local traffic authority.

The following must be checked before returning for any warranty claim. Failure to do so will invalidate any warranty claim. Proof of such will be required to validate any warranty claims.

  • The speedometer must be working.
  • The radiator must be clean, in working order, and have a radiator cap.
  • A new thermostat must be fitted.
  • A new or good condition radiator hose must be used.
  • The oil pressure light must be working.
  • A new air filter, cam belt, oil filter must be fitted.
  • Oil must be changed and cooling system flushed.

Autobreakers shall not under any circumstances be liable or responsible for any claims for and or arising out of:

The death or injury to or illness sustained by any person or party and or loss or damage to any property of whatsoever nature, arising out of the foregoing, or otherwise, and the customer indemnifies and holds Autobreakers and or its owners, managers or staff harmless in respect of any claims for or arising out of injury sustained by any person, or damage to tangible property caused directly as a result of the negligence or otherwise by the customer or its employees. The above conditions are explained to the customer.

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